Elections – Candidates platforms

Nominations for the new 2017-2018 executive positions are in and the campaigning period has started. Elections will take place in the IEEE office (STE 4026) on March 30th from 9:00 – 19:00!
Please read below for all the candidates platforms.

The candidates are:


  • Matt Langlois
  • Alise Wang

Vice Chair: To be filled by the runner up of Chair



VP Academic:

VP Communications:

VP External:

  • Joseph Georges
  • Alexandre Billard
  • MinhThao Dang
  • David Neptune

VP Internal:

  • Linda Tang
  • Ahmed Mostafa
  • Hoiy Yhon Ho (Ocean)

VP Social:


  • Tamer Sherif
  • Melody Habbouche

McNaughton Center Director:

  • Mohammed Hussain

WIE Chair:

  • Manisha Wanniarachchige
  • Raine Cobon

WIE Vice-Chair: To be filled by the runner up of WIE Chair

Photonics Chair (Grad Students Only):

Photonics Vice-Chair (Grad Students Only):

Best of luck to all the Candidates!

Tamer Sherif

Dear IEEE Representatives,

This email is in regards to the upcoming year’s executive positions in the IEEE. This is to formally nominate myself for the webmaster position and stating that I will be taking part in the elections for this year. I hold extreme interest in joining uOttawa’s IEEE executive team for a number of reasons.

Firstly, as an electrical engineering student I feel that it is important to be involved and to be well informed of the different association bodies that hold great contribution to the engineering community as whole. Given that the IEEE has a dedication to the field of technology and its advancement to benefit humanity, it aligns with my goals and vision. This alignment of vision will allow me to perform and contribute with my best ability, helping the IEEE grow and accomplish more. I have also been a part of several IEEE events.  It would be an honour to be part of a recognized association and to be a part of its growing engineering community.

Secondly,  I have decided to apply for the webmaster position simply because I know I can deliver my best in that position. Through this position, I will be putting what I have learned in web development into practice by maintaining an important pillar, the IEEE uOttawa website. As I am a student of electrical engineering as well as computing technology and currently doing my second coop term in BlackBerry, my exposure and experiences would be of solid benefit to IEEE uOttawa. Though multiple competitions and professional experiences in the private and public sector, I have gained great communication skills. Not only will I deliver my best in this position, but I will also solidify my skills and knowledge.

Finally, and most importantly, the relations and bonds that I will build with other colleagues in the IEEE community is of essence to me. The field of engineering is about teamwork, innovation and ambition. There is no better way to develop further in all of these areas than to be a part of uOttawa’s IEEE. Through this position, I will get the opportunity to work hand in hand with other motivated and ambitious engineering students who care for their colleagues in engineering. I will get the opportunity to gain more technical and non-technical skills. By involvement and facilitation in various activities and events, I will gain exposure to different ideas, innovation, and individuals while offering my expertise. This will solidify my background so I can benefit this world better.

To conclude, I am running to be a part of a team of creative, innovative and ambitious people who strive for the same goals I strive for.

I am running to be a part of a team who will not only teach me a lot, but will also benefit from my skills and knowledge. A team that grows with a goal to benefit our engineering community and humanity as a whole, and there’s nothing greater than that.

Thank you for your time.


Tamer Sherif

Mohammed Hussain

My name is Mohammed Hussain, I would like to be elected to the position ‘McNaughton Center Director’. I am currently a third year Electrical Engineering student.

I am interested in the McNaughton Center Director position for a few reasons.

I have been involved in the University of Ottawa IEEE Student Branch for about three years. During this time I have organized and executed events such as Arduino Workshop, GNG1106 tutorial, and IEEEXtreme. Through the process of delivering these events, I have seen the positive influence of the University of Ottawa IEEE Student Branch towards student life and experience. I strongly believe that a student’s time at school must include more than academic pursuits. I have seen students have fun, learn, and collaborate by way of participating in these extracurricular events. I will strive to deliver an even better student experience if elected as McNaughton Center Director.

I have a strong relationship with other student groups in EECS. Including groups as the CSSA, SESA, and ChESS. I try and go to as many student run events as possible in order to keep active in the student community and maintain these valuable links with the various student groups on campus. My good relations with these other groups will allow me to have greatest communication, and collaboration. In the past three years of involvement with the UO IEEE SB, I have seen many collaborative events and initiatives with such groups such as the CSSA, and SESA. I am looking to leverage my relationships with these groups in order to produce more successful events for student benefit.

This past year, as Vice-chair, I have become more familiar with the inner workings of IEEE UO SB. I have helped complete an application for the annual IEEE McNaugthon center grant. The grant was submitted and received full funding, the items listed in the grant will be available to students before the end of this Winter 2017 semester. Through this grant I detailed a plan to renew the student branch to a state closer in functionality and feature set of the Electrical Engineering labs in third floor CBY. ELG labs tend to have complications, and so require additional time past the usual allotted three hours to complete. By the end of this Winter 2017 semester students will have access to electronic components, multimeters, oscilloscope, function generator, and power supply in the IEEE UO SB. With these changes coming to the student branch, the student experience will be that much better. I have other ideas that I would like to see realized, I am hoping that being elected as McNaughton Center Director will put me into a good position to bring more to students.

I believe the student branch can become more a part of student life. As McNaughton Center Director I will work to increase the awareness of students to the resources available in the branch. Resources include study space during office hours, equipment, professional connection ( branch councillor, Ottawa IEEE). As an IEEE Student Branch, our mission is to promote the values of IEEE to students. The international body, IEEE, provides support to our branch to fulfill our mission. In my opinion, the task with greatest priority should be to increase awareness of the student branch to the student population. I have tried to be active in inviting students to our office, advertising our upcoming events, and encouraging involvement in the student branch. As McNaughton Center Director, I hope to continue exposing the student branch to students.

In summary, I am running for election to the position of McNaughton Center Director to deliver beneficial events to students, support student experience, further realize my ideas to update and upgrade the student branch, and increase the awareness of the branch to students.

I thank you for the opportunity.

Mohammed Hussain

Matt Langlois

Dear IEEE Electoral Committee: Please let this letter serve as my nomination to run for Chairperson for the IEEE uOttawa Student Branch in the upcoming elections. Ever since my first year as a computer science student at the University of Ottawa I have had a passion to be involved in activities beyond the classroom. From running security talks to helping out in Battle Royale I have always found a way to become involved in student activities. However, I think my leadership and organizational skills really shine from my past experiences with Pebble and the monthly meetups I organized. During these meetups, I would give a technical talk followed by socializing with other local Pebblers. Then at the end of my first and second years I hosted two 36-hour Pebble hackathons at uOttawa each of which attracted over 25 participants. Organizing these hackathons was no simple task; it required me to seek sponsorship from Pebble for food and prizes along with coordinating flying a developer from San Francisco to give a talk. In my second year of university I started studying with friends in the IEEE McNaughton Centre at uOttawa. During that time the some of the students on the exec team convinced me to run for IEEE executive committee during my third year. I was lucky enough to be elected in as the McNaughton Centre Director for the 2016-17 term. During my term as McNaughton Centre Director I set myself a goal to run a few activities throughout the year to help promote the branch. Near the beginning of my term I organized a server room tour at uOttawa which filled up all 15 spots allowed by the university. Then in the winter semester I organized a technical computer security talk with Tanya Janca, the OWASP Ottawa co-organizer. Being the McNaughton Centre director at the uOttawa IEEE student branch has been very fulfilling for me and having the chance to run for Chair would really mean a lot to me. As the Chair I would ensure the success of our branch continues through these smaller events, while still focusing on the major events. Apart from being involved in the IEEE over the past year I have also been involved in organizing and running other extracurricular activities for students. For example, I hosted a capture the flag even where students could put their whitehat hacking skills to the test. I am also in the process of organizing an MLH hackathon which will attract hundreds of students to the University of Ottawa. In almost all cases be it Pebble, MLH or even IEEE I have had to reach out to industry professionals to coordinate running events. I feel like my experience in this area would be a huge plus as Chair of the IEEE next year and that is why the Electoral committee should allow me to run for this position. Going into fourth year I plan to continue committing my time to the IEEE uOttawa branch, hopefully as the Chairperson for the branch. Thank you for taking your time to read my application for the IEEE Chair position.

Kind Regards, Matthew Langlois

Linda Tang

My name is Linda Tang and I’m planning to run for VP Internal in the 2017 to 2018 IEEE University of Ottawa Student Branch Team. I’m currently completing my second year in chemical engineering.  I was first introduced to IEEE during my first year at the end of first semester at the cookies n’ cram event. The event was helpful to my academic studies and I met wonderful people over time. After the cookies n cram event, I started researching into IEEE and learned that it is the world’s largest technical professional association in advancing technology for society. I went to the office on a regular basis and became familiar with the events that IEEE hosts each year. Events by IEEE such as SPAC and WIE Wine and Cheese gives students opportunities to develop networking skills with professionals, and contribute to the industrial, social, and academic world while they are still students. Networking is a skill that I’ve always valued because it develops your career goals as well as further developing your character. It is a skill that is necessary for everyone to have and IEEE provides that chance to students. Being present in the IEEE office has also allowed me to be familiar with the team’s dynamic and other executive members. This made me realize that I want to be aid in organizing the events to help other students instead of being a participant.

Additionally, I have prior executive team experience that is applicable to a VP Internal role. Before I started university, I was the minister of public relations in 2013-2014 and secretary in 2014-2015 for a social justice committee. As a minister of public relations, I had the responsibility of resolving any issues in the organization and execution of all the events. As a secretary in the following year, I was responsible for attendance, meeting minutes, keeping all members up to date, resolving any type of internal conflict within the team, as well as assisting other executives with their roles. In 2012-2013, I was VP of Human Resources for a local company created under Junior Achievement Program. I wrote the bylaws for our company which has a similar purpose to the constitution of IEEE, and also resolved any type of internal conflicts among the executive team and the entire team (including general members).

Furthermore, I feel that I would be a good representative for IEEE in branching a good relationship with other internal organizations at the University such as CSSA, MESS and CHESS. I gained years of experience in proper communication and collaboration from my part time job as a gymnastics coach. My previous networking and presentations skills at conferences would allow me to represent IEEE’s voice in a professional setting. One of my ideas as VP Internal would be to hold a study and/or tutor session for first and second year engineering courses. I could also provide practice questions that were more useful for studying for midterms and clarifying certain concepts that will helpful for their assignments.

Joseph Georges

My intention for joining the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., uOttawa branch stems from my dedication to doing meaningful work within the field of electrical engineering. As a student, I have had the opportunity to advance my knowledge and technical skills in the field of electronics and technology, and I am looking to further develop my growth by collaborating with a team of individuals that share similar passions of mine. Benefitting humanity can be done in a number of dimensions within engineering, one of which includes innovation and corporate social responsibility. The IEEE’s mandate is built upon a number of pillars, one of which is education; this too is a core value of mine as I believe it is one avenue through which positive change and community impact can be made.

The role that I am most interested in is VP External, as this person serves as a bridge between the students and the industry. Prior to attending university, I worked in sales where I was responsible for organizing events and enhancing the customer experience. This opportunity has allowed me to leverage my interpersonal skills by applying them successfully to team projects within my academic studies. In addition, I have taken it upon myself to do extensive research on the local network in regards to reaching out to past uOttawa alumni who now work in the field of engineering who may be willing to provide guidance or mentorship to current students. In addition, I plan to enhance the involvement of students within the industry by organizing local externships that would provide students with an opportunity to shadow individuals within their field of interest, and learn more about the corporate culture that surrounds engineering. Moreover, I have reached out to engineers that have been working in the field for a few years now in an effort to offer a bimonthly speaker series and/or workshops that feature engineers around Ontario that would be willing to share their insights and experiences with the student body.

In regards to coordinating sponsorship, I plan to get in touch with the current VP External, Richard Scott, to learn about best practice when it comes to securing financial support for the IEEE.  A potential avenue for sponsorship and networking would be the Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (CCECE) and the International Humanitarian Technology Conference (IHTC). In addition, several nearby universities such as Queen’s (http://qieee.ca) and McGill (http://www.sb-ieee.ece.mcgill.ca) have well established IEEE groups; it may be beneficial to network with the executive members of these universities in an effort to collaborate, learn, and connect.

On a more personal note, I am a highly active individual and enjoy playing basketball in my spare time. I am an outside-the-box thinker who enjoys trying new foods and travelling to new destinations. I am involved in community initiatives that are dedicated to benefiting humanity by providing awareness and accessibility to technological development on a global level.

I appreciate your time and consideration in reviewing my application. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me for any questions you may have.


Joseph Georges

Alexandre Billard

Dear IEEE Electoral Committee: As I enter my fourth and final year of my undergraduate degree in the academic year of 2017-2018, I continue to progress in the notion of maturity and leadership. After reflecting on how I can give back to this committee for the opportunities it has presented me, such as technical help, networking events and study sessions provided in my first, second and third year, I am poised in my decision to apply as a candidate to join this esteemed group. The friendships I have gained with current IEEE members motivate me to apply as a candidate for the 2017-2018 executives. Their influence and positive feedback about the organization confirm I would like to be apart of the dynamic IEEE uOttawa branch. My anticipated computer science degree has enabled me to share my outgoing personality with my peers, professors and industry professionals. My leadership qualities outside of school, such as my stints as captain for local hockey and football teams complements my strengths to be a leader in the IEEE committee. The interest of joining the institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers stems from my extrovert skills and follows the goal to better the student experience. I am confident that my fiery demeanour would complement IEEE in the responsibilities encapsulated by a VP external. I would like to join IEEE as a VP external as I know the difficulties students face when trying to communicate with the industry for an internship, a graduate career or just an assignment. As a student who has found internships both with and without the University of Ottawa coop program I understand the difficulties and stress students can feel in their attempts to reach out to the industries. I would make it my goal as VP external to help the students bridge the gap between themselves and the industries. I am determined to fulfilling this goal by organizing industry-related events, such as tours and networking events in order to enhance the involvement of students within the industry. My organizational and gregarious attitude would follow my enthusiasm to coordinate sponsorship from the industry and internal sources as required for each event that would benefit the students. Aiming for a master’s degree in business administration following my undergraduate degree in computer science, joining this faction of student would advance my management and professional skills to further my progression as a student. Regardless of the benefits I would reap from being the VP external for IEEE, I would ultimately be invested in this organization to follow its purpose to disseminate the knowledge and the theory and practice of all aspects of electrical engineering, electronics, radio, allied branches of engineering or related arts and sciences, as well as the furtherance of the professional development of students. By the purpose of IEEE found in the Constitution, I would exact the declaration that states to further the professional development of students. My determined approach to work tirelessly permits me to have assurance in my candidacy as the VP external. Being an ambassador of the IEEE committee for the University of Ottawa branch, I would represent the office with the utmost professionalism to further the outstanding reputation IEEE and advance their compliance in student outreach and support.

MinhThao Dang

As a software engineering student, I admire the concept of an institute that is IEEE whose objectives are regarding the educational and technical advancement of electrical and electronic engineering, telecommunications, computer engineering and other allied disciplines. The IEEE student branch at uOttawa is one that I have been surrounded by throughout all of my university career so far, however, more predominantly within the past year. My good friend, Kyle Kung, was an executive member of the IEEE student branch during the 2016-2017 term, and with that, I was exposed more to the branch’s mission, other execs, and their organized events. This exposure made me realize that I wanted to be a part of the team that ran this. The IEEE team is one that cares about paving a good future for current students with their schooling and career by giving them many opportunities to do so. The creation of events such as SPAC, WIE Wine and Cheese, Cookies and Cram sessions, and many more inspired me to be more involved with, and in some way, give any possible assistance to the uOttawa student community. IEEE also has events with the purpose of just simply allowing students to realize that school has more to offer than just assignments and exams – it can also be fun and social. Events such as EngiBEERing Pub Night and Battle Royale brings the student body together. One of my goals of being an IEEE executive member is to help bring unity to the student body whether through their programs of study or through the students’ own personal interests. If I get the pleasure to be elected as an executive member of IEEE, I would like to collaborate with the other execs about any improvements to existing annual events that would increase the amount of participation with the student body. Along with this, I would like to come up with more ideas and events that would have any means of positive impact on a student’s university career, professional career and mental health. I have always had an interest of interacting with students more, and I think IEEE would be a great way to do so. Whether it is with other IEEE executive members, upper year students, or lower year students. Building a network of colleagues who are also friends is a goal of mine if I get the opportunity to join the team. As a third year student enrolled in the faculty of Engineering, I think that my experience as a student will give me insight on the needs and desires of other students when it comes to events that would benefit them. For the upcoming IEEE 2017-2018 election term, I would like to run for VP External. I would love to help the uOttawa IEEE student branch represent the club and communicate positions and policies to external bodies. Along with this, I would like to help the branch further develop policies and initiatives in the off-campus community. In conclusion, I would love to have the chance to run for an IEEE executive position.

Ahmed Mostafa

My name is Ahmed Mostafa and I am a 3rd year Electrical Engineering student at uOttawa. As an electrical engineering student, I respect the IEEE whose objectives are regarding the educational and technical advancement of electrical and electronic engineering, telecommunications, computer engineering and other allied disciplines. The IEEE student branch at uOttawa is one that I have been surrounded by throughout all of my university career so far, and they have been a great team to represent us. My good friend Daniel Pogue explained to me how great it is to become a VP, and after our discussions I knew I had to apply for this upcoming year. My favourite part about the IEEE is that they create events that help students to progress in their fields and learn new things. If I get elected, I would be more than grateful to serve as your VP Internal for the upcoming school year. I know I can bring ideas that will be different and interesting than what students have seen this year, and hopefully from previous years. I have attended a few meetings by IEEE, thanks to the Chairman Danielle Marchand, and I enjoyed the positive atmosphere involving IEEE. I have extensive experience planning major events and presentations created schedules, playoff brackets for the teams that signed up as well as supervised every game, every school day. I hope to bring this experience to the IEEE committee. Furthermore, I’d like to inform the IEEE committee that I will be listening to everyone’s interests, and try to host events that would help them with their concerns. An important lesson I learned throughout my years in engineering is that a group of people is always better than being on your own. Therefore, I would be more than welcome to take in suggestions on how to improve our IEEE committee and community. I would like to try and do many things next year regarding events. My three main goals are to organize more talks with alumni’s or representatives from companies, organize more night events such as board game night, movie night, etc. as well as hold sporting tournaments/games at least once per semester. I believe presentations are important because I feel the speaker can give helpful tips to students applying for jobs as well as telling them what to expect after graduation. The night and sporting events may sound odd, but everyone needs rest once in a while from school. By holding these events, it allows student to relieve their stress off school and give them a fresh mind when the start studying again. Overall, the IEEE and its members are here to innovate and inspire a large amount of students. Therefore, I will make sure to be a great model for the branch and make sure my tasks are taken care of. Working for IEEE would be a huge honor and it’ll reward me with great experience for future jobs. I promise to respect all the regulations that follow IEEE, and consult the committee before making any decisions. I hope you will vote for me on Wednesday March 30th at SITE 4026. Thank you

Hoiy Yhon Ho (Ocean)

I believe that I will be suitable for the position of “VP Internal” as I already have developed connections with the different undergraduate engineering student associations, including, but not limited to, Canadian Society of Civil Engineers (CSCE), Mechanical Engineering Student Society (MESS), Engineering Student Society (ESS), Computer Science Student Association (CSSA), Ottabotics, and MakerSpace.

Working as “VP Internal”, along with colleagues, and supervision (Chair), I will be able to refine my abilities to establish relations as my skills are still at a very raw level. As expressed in the Sub-Association Games, not only was I acting as a representative of the IEEE (as a volunteer at the time), I also won and encourage a healthy competitive environment, in which other undergraduate student association were shown respect. Regarding concrete experience in a position recognized by a body of people, I have performed within the Board of Administration (BOA) of the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO) as a proxy for Princejeet Singh, exercising proper management of relations with other Faculty Directors and Executive Members of the SFUO.

In regards to plans for the future, I have already begun establishing relationship-deepening activities, involving the exchange of messages through the means of post-it notes, with the Computer Science Student Association, and have supervised the execution to ensure proper health and safety regulations in addition to the intended purpose.

I believe that the proper way to start establishing relations with other student associations is to help promote them. This ensures that newer generations of undergraduate students will join them, students who will become a fresh slate for relations (god forbid in the situation of having bad relations) or to better carry the legacy of the previous generation.

Regarding consolidation, amendments and carrying out of the constitution, I understand that different times require different ways to view/perceive problems, therefore I believe that the constitution works in the following manner:

–      Whereas there is no consensus in the body of decision, the constitution will act as the final decision, preventing further debate that could lead to internal issues within the IEEE student body.

–     Whereas there is a debate period over a motion/issue in which the constitution applies broadly, the constitution will only act as a set of guidelines to direct the final decision taken by the IEEE student body.

I live the words “The only thing that never changes is the presence of change”, which leads me to believe that no version of the constitution will ever be applicable to all generations to come.

Alise Wang

My name is Alise Wang, and I am running to be elected as the Chair of the IEEE uOttawa Student Branch for the 2017- 2018 term. During the summer term in May 2016, I was elected in as Women in Engineering Chair for the uOttawa Student Branch and I have been acting as this position ever since.

The Chair of any organization has a high level of authority with respect to an organization’s operations and is given significant responsibilities; all of which they are held accountable for. I believe that in my experience as WIE Chair, Branch Secretary and through other participation with the IEEE and other organizations, I am more than suited to take on these responsibilities as Chair.

Being involved with the IEEE since 2015 has not only provided me with many outstanding opportunities, but also helped me develop leadership and management skills, which are two crucial attributes of a Chair. During my term as WIE Chair, I have gone above and beyond the outlined responsibilities for my position by volunteering for not only two international IEEE conferences in Canada, but also successfully co-leading two of the three major events that the IEEE Ottawa Student Branches hold annually. I was the patronage co-chair for the IEEE International Electrical Power and Energy Conference (EPEC) in October 2016, and despite my lack of experience in the patronage area and being the youngest committee member in the conference, I successfully managed to bring in enough sponsorship and bring the budget into the green zone.  During EPEC, I also helped plan the Women in Engineering Outreach Panel with Elena from IEEE WIE Canada, and I was the vital link to the IEEE Student Branches and played a crucial role in promoting the event in the student community in Ottawa. I also successfully co-lead Battle Royale 10 with the help of Ryan Maclean (IEEE Algonquin) and Ahmed Sakr (IEEE Carleton), which is an annual 24 hour LAN competition in Ottawa. As the WIE Chair, I spent the term working towards organizing events which promote IEEE WIE and all minority groups in STEM – I am currently working on organizing the 8th Annual IEEE WIE Wine and Cheese, another major IEEE SB event cohosted by uOttawa and Carleton. This year, we were not only able to increase the sponsorship amounts by over 10 times, but also encourage a larger, more diverse group of students, professionals, and professors from all engineering fields to attend the event.  This was part of achieving one of the IEEE uOttawa executive team’s main goals of the year: to bring more student awareness to our branch and what we have to offer. My drive to give students a safe and comfortable environment to meet new people has pushed me to go above and beyond what was expected of a WIE Chair. I believe that with my experience, drive, and passion to inspire students to become more involved with the IEEE, I am ready to take on the role as Chair.

As the Chair, I want to provide the resources for students to develop the skills and connections they need to pursue their passions. I will work actively to empower students and my fellow execs to strive to work to their fullest potential without limits. Along with these initiatives, I want to create opportunities for students to expand their career networks by creating professional development events, such as resumé and CO-OP interview workshops, career panels, and networking events. I am a firm believer that a group effort goes a long way – and I will make sure that the contributions of every executive member in the branch will not be unnoticed. Everyone elected for this incoming term will have something great to bring to the table and I understand that it is my duty to fully support their goals to make them happen to my best ability.

With my dedication and desire to help others, I believe I would make an exceptional addition to the upcoming 2017-2018 IEEE uOttawa Student Branch executive team. I would be honoured to be a part of another amazing school-year as the IEEE uOttawa Student Branch with my colleagues and classmates, and continue to make the success and well-being of every student our utmost priority.  Thank you.

Melody Habbouche

My name is Melody Habbouche, a second year student in Computer Science!  I would like to be part of the IEEE University of Ottawa student branch as Webmaster OR as WIE Vice-Chair for a number of reasons! One of the reasons is that I feel the IEEE student branch will allow me to be connected with a network of amazing people. I believe that being part of this association will allow me to grow professionally and help me continue to encourage fellow students in Engineering and in Computer Science. Throughout my first year at uOttawa, I realized that networking opportunities, social events, were just as important as acadamia. After joining the uOttawa Women in Science and Engineering chapter as VP Administration, I gained appreciation for a lot of the student groups, and how much work is put into planning engaging for students. I enjoyed being involved with uOttawa WISE in my first year as VP Administration, and this year as Webmaster, helping with Speaker Series, socials, and bringing new initiatives. I also enjoy volunteering for conferences encouraging women in computing and in STEM fields and sometimes attend hackathons in my spare time! I believe I can contribute to the IEEE student branch with my strong work ethic and communication skills by engaging students to participate in existing and new initiatives. I enjoy the events that the IEEE brings to students, and I would like to contribute my ideas to add new initiatives too! I would also be a great help with events such as the WIE Wine & Cheese as I’ve made many connections with a network of employers, professors and students throughout these conferences, hackathons, events, meetups etc. that I’ve been engaged with. I will not only be able to benefit this student association, but also gain knowledge and professional growth. I also enjoy learning about new technologies and telling people about them (sometimes, I like to walk around SITE lab to socialize and learn something new from others). I believe that 70% of the skills or knowledge that students need for work-related experience is often the ones that they develop outside of classes. And I strongly believe that the IEEE student branch is a solid organisation that allows all students to grow in many ways and I support its objectives. I also enjoy helping students develop good study habits and time management as Engineering Mentor at the Faculty of Engineering. This allowed to encourage first year students in Engineering and Computer Science programs to manage their studies well, and help them make time for extracurricular engagements! All these experiences and initiatives that I’ve been involved with, have helped me grow as a person, and has opened many doors. I hope to be part of the IEEE in any way possible, to contribute these skills and connections that I’ve gained to others! Helping others means a lot to me, as I would not be in my second year of Computer Science today if it weren’t for the people that have taken the time to help me, and continue to encourage me in the tech world, some of which who are part of the IEEE student branch! I look forward to being part of team of strong and fun people, and be part of a new exciting experience!

David Neptune

Hi! My name is David Neptune and I am currently a 2nd year chemical engineering student at the University of Ottawa. I am excited to potentially join the IEEE team by running to be elected for the position of VP External for the 2016-2017 term. I would describe myself as a hardworking and driven individual with big dreams like majority of students attending the University of Ottawa.

During my time, here at U of O, I have received many useful words of advice. Most notably was a bit of a modern-day proverb that goes something like this:

Sleep more than you study,

Study more than you party,

Party as much as you can.

My experience so far as an engineering student is that too many students are too hung up on having the highest GPA in the class so they can get their dream jobs when they graduate. However, while the studying portion is important, a strong academic transcript is only half the equation when it comes to finding employment in your field, post-graduation. It isn’t always about what you know, sometimes it is who you know that is more important! For that reason, it is crucial for students to get out of the study rooms and attend networking events to meet not only potential future employers or colleagues but also their student peers (and hopefully enjoy their time along the way)!

My goal as the potential VP External for the upcoming term is to highlight the importance of growing your professional network as a student to prepare for the daunting task of searching for employment post-graduation. I already have ideas already that I am eager to bring to fruition. For example, I believe it would be a great opportunity to organize a presentation or a workshop for students that highlight the importance of growing a professional network as previously mentioned. The presenter could offer tips for attending networking events, building a productive resume and how to appropriately utilize a LinkedIn profile.

Being a current student myself, I recognize that a major barrier preventing many students from attending networking events is the intimidation factor that accompanies meeting and greeting with seasoned professionals, and distinguished professors or researchers. For this reason, I believe it could be advantageous to organize more informal events to provide opportunities for students that are new to networking to wet their feet when it comes to putting themselves out there so to speak. A tour of one of the many great local breweries could be a great opportunity to host an informal event as described above, after all, who doesn’t enjoy a great beer?

Being the VP External of the IEEE student branch at the University of Ottawa is a fantastically exciting opportunity to provide many great resources for the students here to not only develop their professional networks but also enjoy their experiences while they do it. I look forward potentially to a productive and successful 2016-2017 term!

Thank you,

David Neptune

Raine Cobon

Hi! I am Raine Cobon, I am finishing up my second year of Mechanical Engineering. I would like to apply for the position of Vice-Chair of WIE.

I am interested in being a part of the IEEE because I have seen the things that are run around the school and alongside the other schools in the area and would love to be able to help. A friend of mine encouraged me to look into it further, and I am so glad that he did! I think the fact that IEEE works along with many levels of education and professionals gives it an amazing set of opportunities for everyone involved. I believe that it is important to create meaningful connections between various levels of expertise in engineering with both men and women.

Anything that I become involved in, I am fully committed to, making me a great candidate for a vice-chair position. I am willing to do whatever it takes and find the necessary resources to get tasks done well. I am interested in engaging with the WIE program specifically because I have first hand experience with the difference that encouraging females to be involved in engineering projects can do. I would not have been in the engineering faculty at all had someone not visited my high school to speak about and normalize the idea. I am passionate about my program, and love sharing that with others. I enjoy learning new things and collaborating with people to improve upon old ideas, assist in creating new ideas, or just have a chat!

I like the idea of making the Women in Engineering more visible to everyone within the university and city-wide engineering communities. Some collaborations between WISE and WIE, (which is something that I have the connections to make happen in this coming year) would be amazing, benefitting both groups. I would love to see more people benefit from the connections that an organization like WIE can offer, both professionally and in terms of new friendships.

Due to my wide variety of current student involvement and previous event attendance, I believe that I am in a position of experience for event organization and support. I have been a part of engineering rugby, 101 guide week, attended DUSTED events, WISE speaker series, as well as the Zumba nights, all of which I loved! I would enjoy taking a more active role in making more of these events happen around campus. The community feel brought about from events like any of these is one of the reasons that I continue to involve myself.

In addition, I am personable and love to work alongside others. I am highly organized as well, making me a good fit for a position on WIE. I have lots of ideas about creating more involvement and visibility online as well as at school. My previous work position in my family’s business has given me the ability to adapt to any requirements of a position, regardless of whether it is within my range of expertise; I am willing to learn about any other requirements of the job. I am hard working and can handle anything that is thrown at me in terms of workload and responsibilities. I am flexible with my study schedule and am always more than willing to shift my life around to help where needed.

Manisha Wanniarachchige

Changing the world always seems like an unattainable goal to many people. However, most do not realize that it is the accumulation of the small steps that brings us to this goal. Small steps like helping each other out in times of need, spreading knowledge and discovering new things. At this moment, I am presented again with the opportunity to change the world through technology, which brings two of my passions together, and even at the smaller scale, becoming WIE Vice Chair for the IEEE uOttawa Student branch would be a great honour. I believe that I would be suitable for the position of WIE Vice Chair because I wish to empower women in technology and encourage women to follow their passions and not be intimidated by unimportant things like gender ratio or stereotypes. I really hope to make engineering and technology a place where women can strive to learn and discover comfortably. As current VP Social of IEEE uOttawa Student Branch, I am familiar with how the association functions, communicates and exhibits itself to the public. I am also aware of the duties and responsibilities that an IEEE executive has. For this reason, I feel that I am now ready for the responsibility that the WIE Vice Chair comes with. I have a friendly nature- ready to welcome new members to the student branch and with my enthusiasm and experience, I believe I am capable of bringing success to the association. As WIE Vice Chair, I am prepared to maintain the credible reputation that WIE has built over the years. One of my main goals would be to make the Big Eng – Little Eng mentorship program more reputable at uOttawa and inclusive of all engineers. This is especially important for first years as it is a new chapter in their lives and have no idea of the help and services they can receive from IEEE and other engineering associations. They also need help with the transition from high school so I feel we could have a few events that would make this transition easier, make friends and get help with school work. If other students and myself were brought more awareness about this association in my first year, I am confident there would be a lot more participation in IEEE’s events.. As WIE Vice Chair, I will help make the annual Wine and Cheese networking event as grand as it is each year and hopefully even more successful and acclaimed at uOttawa. My ultimate goal will be to try encourage students to interact with each other and build a vast network through the events that IEEE hosts. If I am voted as WIE Vice Chair, I am ready to work hard as a student executive and prepared to bring a fresh outlook to the WIE sub-association. I truly believe that I can help make IEEE known better to the student body at uOttawa and I am confident that I can be a beneficial asset to the 2017/2018 IEEE uOttawa executive Committee.