Elections 2018-2019

Nominations for the new 2018-2019 executive positions are in and the campaigning period has started. Elections will take place in the IEEE office (STE 4026) on April 3rd from 10:00 – 19:00!

Les nominations pour les postes exécutifs pour l’année scolaire 2018-2019 ont été reçues, et la période de campagne électorale est maintenant en session. Les élections auront lieu dans le bureau de l’IEEE (local STE 4026) le 3 avril entre 10h et 19h!

Below are the nominated candidates and their respective platforms:


Heemel Saha:

Hey everyone! My name is Heemel Saha and I’m an Electrical Engineering student running to be the next
chair for the IEEE uOttawa Student Branch! I’ve spent the past year as your Vice President of Social
Affairs hosting various events throughout the school year such as trivia nights, Poker and Beers and
specialization panels. I was also the lead organizer for SPAC which allowed me to work with the other
IEEE student branches in Ottawa and connect with the members at Carleton and Algonquin as well
which will help me maintain those relationships going into the next school year. For this coming school
year, I’d like to implement several new initiatives that would benefit the students IEEE represents.

  • It would be great if more students were aware of the benefits of being an IEEE member and
          would expand on the current incentives such as free or discounted entry to IEEE social events
          like trivia nights for being an IEEE member
  • Technical Interview Workshops would be a good way to help soon-to-be graduated or coop
          students more prepared for doing interviews with companies which in turn would increase their
          chances of finding a job after graduating
  • I’d also like to expand out volunteer outreach by having a database and having a meeting with
          people interested in learning more about IEEE events and how they can get involved more
          You are all welcome to contact me at any time to ask me more about my platform or suggest more
          improvements for the IEEE should I get elected as Chair for the next school year.

  • Ivor Benderavage:

    From the services of the McNaughton Centre to the wisdom of the execs who run it, the IEEE student
    branch at the University of Ottawa is a source of countless resources for students. I first became
    involved with IEEE uOttawa in my second year of studies, when I attended exam review sessions at the
    Branch, which I found immensely useful as a student. For the past year, I have had the pleasure of
    supporting events such as these by serving as the VP Communications of the branch, a role that has not
    only been an incredibly rewarding experience for me, but one which also helped me develop my skills in
    communication, event planning and marketing on social media platforms.

    As VP Communications, I interacted with the student body by keeping them updated about our activities
    and events, and frequently, I’d spend time answering questions and taking to first-years about the IEEE
    branch and the services we can offer them. Occasionally, I’d even find myself giving the IEEE speech to a
    francophone student who spoke little English and wanted to learn more about the services we offer.
    When I’d see these students studying at our office a few days after the fact, I was always happy knowing
    that they had benefited from our services. But I’d like to give back to students in a greater capacity, and
    to that end, I’d like to express my interest in the position of Chair. I believe that my experience as VP
    Comms has helped me understand the important role of the Branch within the Faculty of Engineering;
    additionally, talking to Alise, Danielle, Max, and other past Chairs about their experience at the Branch
    has helped me to fully understand the responsibilities and roles of the Chair within the exec committee.
    I intend to support and uphold the many events organized by the Branch in the past; the Coding
    Challenge, Trivia Nights, Cookies and Cram, and Battle Royale, to name a few. However, I’d also like to
    spearhead new events and initiatives at the Branch. Specifically, I look forward to making workshops on
    microcontrollers at the Branch a regular event, so as to help students interested in robotics and
    embedded systems explore their fields of interest. In addition, many past IEEE execs and volunteers
    have worked in various places as co-op students over the course of their studies; I believe this is an
    excellent opportunity for us to organize a co-op and internship panel at the Branch, so as to help first-
    and second-year students develop a better sense of orientation when it comes to work placements.

    The role of Chair is one which requires great dedication and responsibility. As Vice-Chair and Chair,
    Amar and I have many plans to host new events, offer new services, and make other positive changes at
    the Branch. The hard work of chairs and vice-chairs past has given the IEEE student branch a reputation
    as a reliable, welcoming environment for students of all disciplines at uOttawa; myself and Amar will
    strive to strengthen that reputation.


    Vice Chair:

    Amar Jasarbasic:

    I have been involved with IEEE since I was in grade 8 when I volunteered at the IEEE
    International Conference on Communication. Since then, the IEEE has opened up a lot of doors for me. I
    have met some truly remarkable people along the way that have helped me grow and mature as a
    person. I want to give back to the IEEE, an organization that has given me so much over years, in hopes
    that the next generation can benefit in the same way that I did. Last year I was super excited to take on
    the role of VP Academic for the IEEE uOttawa Student Branch. I founded the IEEE Coding Challenge
    where students compete in solving difficult computer science problems while at the same time
    preparing for the kind of technical questions that come up on interviews. Furthermore, I was honored to
    be a mentor for the IEEE Cookies and Cram sessions, where I helped first year students prepare for their
    ITI1120 exams. Finally, I have been a very active promoter of the IEEE by encouraging first year students
    to get more involved through volunteering opportunities and various events offered by the IEEE. I am
    ecstatic to see that those same students are now running for exec positions for the branch. This year I
    plan on making a more meaningful contribution as Vice-Chair of the IEEE Student Branch. I will continue
    to build on the success of the IEEE Coding Challenge by offering more events that will prepare and help
    students land good CO-OP jobs. Additionally, I want to bridge the gap between our IEEE alumni and
    current students. A lot of former IEEE execs, volunteers and spectators (like Peng) have gone off to work
    on some exciting stuff at some really great companies. I want to open up a line of communication for
    current students who would like to learn more about the work that these alumni do and how they got to
    where they are. Ultimately, I want to continue the amazing work that Alise and Matt have worked hard
    to achieve this year. Ivor and I will have big shoes to fill, but we are committed to maintaining the
    highest standard of leadership that has supported the IEEE Student Branch since its inception.



    Robert Andrew Conrad:

    I am interested in being a part of IEEE because of the impact IEEE has on the engineering community as well as a desire to be an active part of the community that has formed around IEEE uOttawa. From the experiences I had in my first year as a member of BigEng/LittleEng, to the workshops and events I have attended, the skills that IEEE uottawa have had notable impacts on my skills as a computer engineering student, and I would like to be involved with making the same impact to others at the university.

    From my work on Ottabotics to my work with uOttahack, I have developed an intense interest into team based community involvement, especially in the fields around my degree of computer engineering. I am excited for the opportunity to work with like minded and interested students to better the community and promote the study of electronics in engineering in the university community.

    I am excited, if elected to the position of Treasurer , to use my skills in finances learned through my experience in high school student council for 4 years, as well as my financial accounting courses and working within budgets for events such as uottahack. With this opportunity, I plan to strengthen my skills and use my time to maintain a well documented and accessible budget for those interested to see.

    The main reason I want to join IEEE is to apply my current skills, while improving my abilities with the others in IEEE and to use my interest in finances to help develop budgets, manage the journal and to use my passion for topics connected to the IEEE community to be involved in events such as cookies and cram, Battle Royale and workshops such as Arduino, Git, Raspberry Pi and more.

    Sanat Nayar:

    My name is Sanat Nayar and I am a first year student in Computer Engineering and I wish to run for Treasurer at IEEE at the University of Ottawa.

    Over the past 2 years of my High School, I have culminated a multitude of experiences that would make me a perfect fit for this role at IEEE. I have been elected the VP of Finance for two student run business. In this role, I have learned not only the expects of finance such as break-even analysis, balance sheets, and cash flow statements, but also how engineering meets finance and creates a new multidisciplinary field. In one of the student run companies called Swappable, the USP of the company was its platform for transfer of goods and services between students within my High School. After heavy initial investment, the company could not break even in the first couple of months. A professional Software Engineer was brought in and he greatly improved the efficiency of the platform being created. Swappable gave me real-life hands on experience on how Engineering can be integrated with Finance to create a successful product. It also gave me attributes to value money and use cost-cutting strategies to increase the profits and reduce the liabilities of the company. I believe these experiences and knowledge gained from my mentors who initiated the student companies, makes me a great fit for Treasurer at IEEE.

    As an executive for IEEE, one most also be a great presenter and have excellent inter-personal skills. Throughout high school, I have been very active in Case Study competitions across Ottawa. In Grade 12, my team and I won second place at the regional Case Study competition hosted by Algonquin College. Through these Case Study Competitions, I have learned how to present financial statements and projections in a clear and concise matter so that people with all different backgrounds can understand the information and are well engaged. My experience of speaking in front of an audience and keeping them engaged as well as efficiently transferring financial jargon gives me a great advantage over other candidates.

    IEEE is an association that plays an integral part in the Engineering ecosystem at UOttawa. It is a trustworthy organization that many students and staff lookup to for new information, events and competitions. In order for it to run efficiently, finances have to be managed properly and costs must be accounted. Based on my past experiences and my passion to contribute the IEEE platform, I believe I am the ideal candidate for this position.


    VP Academic:

    Wei Qi Hu:

    If I had to summarize, I would say my love for my craft is what makes me the ideal candidate
    for VP Academic. Currently, I hold a 9.94 CGPA and have excelled in every course I have ever
    taken, which consists not only of technical courses, but also electives in English Composition
    and Religious Studies. On the research side, I have done both an UROP project and taken on
    an NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award for a four month research term.
    In my role of VP academic, I would like to share with others strategies that allow for academic
    success; I think there is more the IEEE can do to provide a supporting environment for
    students. I would like to expand the IEEE coding challenges, and provide both interviewing and
    resume building sessions. Ideally, IEEE can form an academic community, consisting of
    multiple small groups that meet weekly to share knowledge and give each other academic and
    career support.
    I am excited to be given the chance to organize workshops, seminars, help centres and to
    invite professors to give presentations. I would also love the opportunity to be working with the
    McNaughton Centre, and to act as a link between the Branch and the faculty.
    All in all, my interest in joining IEEE lies in my love for my craft (and IEEE is fantastic
    environment in which to nourish it). Furthermore, I believe I can use my passion to assist
    students with their academic achievements.

    Michal Ridner:

    IEEE is a fundamentally important association especially for the students here at the University of Ottawa. The amazing events and panels that it organizes allow students to connect and socialize with one another, as well as grow individually and professionally. IEEE’s great mentor program allows students to guide their younger peers through their academic experience and their lifesaving breadboards have helped every student in a pinch. I want to give back to IEEE and make every student’s university experience the best it can be. I am running for VP Academic because I believe knowledge sharing is so important, especially now that technology moves so fast. In my first two years, I have come across many new ideas and I want to make them a reality for students. I would like to organize events that would inspire students to reach further than they thought possible and that would guide them on how to do so; events such as a resume workshop and presentations by alumni about the steps they took to achieve their goals. Students’ time at university is exciting as they learn new concepts and expand their understanding of the world, however I know from experience it can also be stressful and difficult no matter what year they are in. These events would help students learn more about what interests them as well as help them achieve their academic and professional goals.

    Scott Fulton:

    Hello my name is Scott Fulton and I will be running for VP Academic. In the past I was a member
    of my High Schools student council and music council, helping create a better experience for students at
    our school. Currently I am on the Battle Royale executive team helping plan and executing the event. I
    have also attended multiple IEEE run events including SPAC and cookies and cram, helping me
    understand how the executive team works for events and with each other. I am interested in joining the
    executive team because I want to positively impact people’s university experience, and more specifically
    I would like to have the VP Academic position to help students get the most out of university by
    alleviating some of the stress related to their studies. To do so I would help create more events to help
    tutor students in specific areas of study similar to cookies and cram week. Such events could include
    introductory courses in areas of study that new students aren’t necessarily familiar in such as coding or
    chemistry. I believe that helping students prepare for internships is also very beneficial for our school, as
    someone who has experience finding my own internship at Johnson Controls this past summer and
    through the CO-OP office for my upcoming position at Ford Motors this summer, I think I could help
    students prepare for job applications, interviews and what to expect from the job. This could take the
    form of an internship panel such as the one that uOttaHack hosted in the fall semester or on a more
    personal 1 to 1 level. Students should also have an easier connection to professors in their faculty, and I
    believe that through my connections with professors as well as other IEEE members connections we
    could make a much better network for students to reach out to professors for various reasons. Thank
    you for taking the time to read over this.

    Melody Habbouche:

    Hey, my name is Melody Habbouche! I’m a third year CS student who loves art, photography and fascinated by the fast-growing tech industry. I am passionate, hard-working and both self-motivated & motivated by others. I realized over the past few years how important is it to connect/learn from fellow students who have different skills and knowledge. At the University of Ottawa, I’ve recently been involved in student associations & initiatives in order to tackle some of the biggest challenges Engineering & CS students face today. I would like to be part of the IEEE University of Ottawa student branch as VP Academic for a number of reasons! One of the reasons is that the IEEE student branch will allow me to reach a larger number of students and a community that I can expose to different resources and help them improve/develop skills both academically and professionally. I feel that my current involvement at the University such as student representative at Faculty Council and student associations will be directly beneficial to the Academic position as it requires being in charge of acquiring academic resources from the faculty and making them available to EECS students. I advocate for student career development through networking and personal branding on social platforms e.g. LinkedIn for career opportunities, making my ULTIMATE GOAL to bridge the gap between students & employers & also the Faculty. I also work to providing students with workshops/events and digital resources for their respective fields of interest to benefit their learning and professional development. In the past, I have organized some review workshops for computing courses and events such as career panels & LinkedIn photoshoots. I also want to encourage students to build their own leadership style & individuality; a unique set of skills, whether technical or soft-skills.


    VP External:

    Aly Abdelrahman:

    I am interested in joining the IEEE so I can learn and grow my soft skills. I would like to apply myself more in understanding recruitment, how to secure funding for events and learn how the technology world in electrical engineering operates.

    I am also interested in joining IEEE for my technical skills, I would like to apply what I know in competitions and building products that can further help organize the organization and expose me to new things.
    Moreover, I want to be a part of the organization to learn how to work in a team and understand how to communicate effectively in order to get passed hard challenges. This can allow me to grow as a student and a future prospect electrical engineer graduate.

    I also want to join IEEE, to help my fellow students reach their potential and teach them the hidden knowledge that is only found in conferences and by talking to professionals who are currently working in the field.

    Finally, I want to join the group because IEEE is a well-known organization which will allow me to understand how to do my licensing and which licensing would be more important in what field.I believe I can be a great candidate because I am friendly, outgoing and always willing to put in 110% to get my goal.

    Ishaaq Jiffry:

    Hello there! My name is Ishaaq Jiffry, I’m studying towards a Bachelors of Engineering for Software Engineering. I’m currently entering my 4 th year, and I will be
    graduating within a year.

    I’d love to join the IEEE team in general, as I’d think it would be an awesome experience to work with
    other driven engineers and to give back to the engineering community that supported me in my 4 years
    of studying at uOttawa. I’d also like to use of the skills I developed from leading other clubs at uOttawa
    and see what I can offer for the IEEE uOttawa sections growth.

    For this year’s elections, I would like to run for the IEEE VP External position. I’d like to be able to reach
    out to previous companies who had ties with the IEEE uOttawa section and get them more involved with
    the uOttawa IEEE section, as more company involvement with the university can really benefit student
    engineering clubs as a whole.

    For relevant experience, in the past I created the uOttawa Tennis Club and served as the president for its
    first year. This involved many duties such as managing funds, building a team of driven individuals, and
    reaching out and networking with Ottawa sports complexes and companies willing to sponsor our
    uOttawa team. In my last semester I was undertaking an international COOP in California. I was a part of
    the “LA Tech 4 Good” non-for- profit software developer group and I got to speak with numerous non-
    for-profit software engineers and developers about how they contribute to their societies. I’d love to
    apply their ideas to the uOttawa IEEE section as well as trying to get these companies onboard with
    possibly contributing with Ottawa’s IEEE section in the future.

    I look forward to campaigning for this position and good luck to all!

    Ben Burk:

    My name is Ben Burk and I am a second year student studying software engineering. In this application I will outline why I think I would make an ideal candidate for the position of VP External at the University of Ottawa IEEE Student Branch.

    As VP External I would act to strengthen existing relationships with industry leaders, as well as establish new connections between students and companies. I think that students would be especially well served by educational events sponsored and led by tech companies to supplement their education in areas where their curriculum is lacking. Students would also benefit from a platform enabling them to connect with professional organizations through networking events, or demonstrating their skills through company challenges and coding competitions.

    Given my experience with two employers in the current co-op programme I feel confident I could provide my fellow students with constructive advice to match their skills with the companies they are interested in. I would organize tech career events with industry leaders, and engage students with the industry opportunities available to them. I have the skills to be successful in this role based on my previous experience organizing computer science clubs and my professional relationships with employers. As mentioned, I believe that many students are interested in supplementing their education with topics not covered in the curriculum and I would assist in setting up those events.

    I have a strong academic record and have been the recipient of several scholarships including the NSERC USRA and being nominated by the University of Ottawa for the Killam Fellowship. I have had practical experience through two successful co-op terms. Those assignments have given me insights into how to succeed in interviews and network professionally.

    Through creative engagement with industry leaders, it is possible to optimize on the opportunity to enrich the student co-op experience and link businesses with potential future employees best suited to their needs. This mutually beneficial initiative should entice businesses to invest resources in student development clearly tied to the needs of those businesses.

    I have been successful organizing student technology communities since high school. I have learned to increase membership by advertising events, I’ve established professional relationships with faculty to secure funding, and helped students develop their skills in an educational and inclusive space both in person and online.

    I am confident that the combination of my academic and social skills would enable me to represent the IEEE Student Branch and the EECS in a manner that would help to realize on the intent and values of these organizations.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Maisha Chowdhury:

    As a student myself I know how important it is for all of us to have access to facilities that will aid us in becoming the best students we can possibly be. By being a part of uOttawa’s IEEE Student Branch as VP External I will help this team continue to excel in their mission of improving student experience on campus. To begin with, I have strong interpersonal skills in terms of successfully making relations with different model companies and industries through my experience in DECA. For example, in automotive marketing, I convinced managers, which are the judges, why our proposal or solution will benefit their company. As a previous executive of Women’s Empowerment, I have networked with speakers to come to our school, coordinated with the principal for sponsorships for event funding and have communicated with students for their input and feedback on our events. Through every experience or club I’ve been in, I’ve always been a critical thinker. We shouldn’t simply believe what we are told, we should always think for ourselves and challenge opinions when necessary. The more you question, the more you learn, the more you improve. This is a defining quality of a VP External because it primarily deals with external factors and so we need to ask ourselves, for example, are we networking with the same potential sponsorships because it has become a safety net? Question what we do, try changing what we do, then only can we see situations from different angles and in turn move forwards. My name is Maisha Chowdhury, I am bold, efficient and persuasive when it comes to sealing a deal, vote for me for VP External.

    Mithra Perera:

    Hey guys! I’m running for your Vp External of the IEEE for the upcoming school year! For those of you who don’t know me, my names Mithra aka da Mith aka Mitty and I’m going into my 4th year of electrical engineering this upcoming Fall…thank God lol

    I’m running for Vp External because I want to push our program to the next level and continue to make uOttawa’s case for being one of the best Electrical and Computer Science schools in Ontario!

    I think one of the major ways to do this is to improve the connections that our programs have to industry and create a seamless bridge for young and old students to meet with potential employers to understand better what they want from them once they graduate. After all, we are in school grinding away to one day have that sweet satisfaction of working a rewarding and well-paying job.

    Speaking as an electrical engineering student that is sadly without coop, I can say first hand that it is tough and even scary to get your first engineering job as a student. This is my MAIN FOCUS as your possible Vp External. I want to give us GeeGees the opportunities to show why we deserve a chance outside of coop.

    I think I’m a personable person and I want to use my social skills to create contacts in the industry of Ottawa so that I can create a bridge to connect our students.
    Examples of things I want to do include:
    -Host Bar nights with people in the industry so that students can meet and learn from people that were once in their shoes
    -Career Fair Networking events
    -Industry tours(where students can see what kind of things would be expected of them in the industry
    -Career Talks from former uOttawa students in the industry to see how their careers progressed


    VP Internal:

    Sarah Rushdi Khalaf:

    My interest in the IEEE stems from being involved in an inclusive local community that is part of
    a greater, technical professional organization. Being a part of the University of Ottawa IEEE
    Student Branch presents the opportunity to unite with other students who share a common
    desire to continuously learn, interact, collaborate and innovate. The position of VP Internal will
    provide me with further insight into the formation of the Branch’s constitution, the day to day
    activities and the associated terms and policies. Additionally, I will expand upon my written and
    verbal skills while attending meetings and engaging in discussion about the Branch, its internal
    affairs and relationships with other internal organizations.

    As referenced in my resume, my work experience and involvement in extracurricular activities
    has taught me technical knowledge and a vast array of skills to excel in professional settings
    that I can apply in the IEEE. Though my roles required me to manage multiple tasks with time
    sensitive deadlines, I was able to maintain punctuality, enthusiasm, and professionalism with
    my team members. Furthermore, the interpersonal skills that I have developed throughout my
    university and professional career will ease communication and dialogue of pertinent matters
    with Branch executives, members and other internal organizations.

    As a woman in engineering, I take each opportunity given as a chance to learn and acquire new
    skills. Joining the IEEE in a leadership position, will not only allow me to supplement my
    ambition, but also allows me to cultivate my contribution in engineering and empower younger
    women. While the number of women in the industry has increased over the years and they are
    far more accepted then they once were, it is still relatively unusual to come across more than a
    few female engineers in one place. That is why being a part of an organization that encourages
    groups such as the Women in Engineering Affinity Group is important to me. They not only
    inspire and support women to achieve their potentials, but they ensure equality both remains
    and grows in the engineering field. As a member of the Branch, I hope to represent diversity
    and inspire other women in the university as well as be an example for younger students.

    John (Tianyu) Zhao:

    I was planning award ceremony for Engineering Probability and Statistics
    Competition at uOttawa, I oversaw venue setups and communicating with hotel also ensuring
    things are going smoothly during the event. I have also volunteered for uOEC and OEC with ESS.
    I also had a long and active volunteer history Volunteering history at IEEE uOttawa Branch. I
    was in charged of registration ta IEEE uOttawa Annual general meeting 2017, Fintech
    Conference. I also have a strong passion of helping fellow students by help them academically
    at Cookies&Cram.

    I believe these experiences are powerful assets and will assist me greatly in my candidacy. Tese
    experiences allow me to share unique connection with students from different backgrounds.
    My volunteering history at IEEE provides me excellent leadership, organizational and
    communication skills. Similarly, my volunteer with ESS allowed to communicate with other
    branches of student federations, which will be essential during my term.

    What you will do to bring change: The current branch has already accomplished a great job at
    helping Engineering student across the campus through various activities. I will add more
    activities and try to engage with other student associations such as ESS and SFUO. This is my
    first time running an election of any form, and I believe VP Internal will be an excellent
    opportunity for me to learn. My story will also serve as a great motivation for many others

    Thank you for taking precious time to review my application, you have my sincere best wish to
    make IEEE a better place in the future.

    Anushka Paliwal:


    I am in my 3rd year of Software Engineering. I have always been actively involved in school through SESA, CUSEC and volunteering at many events. Through these positions I have learnt a lot about my peers and our faculty, and I have gained valuable leadership skills. I love being involved, running events and interacting with people. I just honestly want to assist fellow students to have their voices heard, share experiences and participate in events.

    Being part of the IEEE team will give me the opportunity to make real change in our faculty, university and society by contributing to and influencing decisions. I truly want to make a real impact on the experiences of my peers, all while working with immensely passionate people, ready for change, with new ideas for how to achieve it.

    My two personal strategies in life are to be respectful to everyone I meet and to be open to giving and receiving feedback. By doing both I can develop a working relationship with people and can also motivate them to come out to events and make them feel included in the wide engineering community. I really want people in our faculty to interact with each other more and I want to focus on making everyone, but especially first years, feel welcome and involved. More importantly, I want to get mental health awareness in our field by organizing events around it and making resources available for people to get help. My goal will be to bring the most value out of IEEE to engineering students.



    Rushil Perera:

    The position of Webmaster is to make sure the website is running always even when you’re procrastinating for your midterm the next day and you want to know what the IEEE is doing after your midterms are over or even when you’re panicking for one of your finals and you want to know if there’s going to be a Cookies & Cram session for it. Some things I’d like to do as webmaster includes introducing online voting to the elections, and trying to improve participation to events through the website.

    With online voting, I think it would be a great way to improve voter turnout on a larger scale, plus I think it would be a great project to apply the knowledge I have learned in the past 4 years while being able to learn a lot even more about a complex system like this.

    I would also like to improve participation at the IEEE through our website, taking advantage of browser notifications to remind people of events that may be happening around campus (like little nudges) instead of posting on Facebook to remind people that an event is occurring while hoping that they will read it and will get the notification. This way, if their laptop or phone is on, they will get the notification and get a little reminder that they subscribed to.


    WIE Chair:

    Linda Tang:

    My name is Linda Tang and I’m running for WIE Chair in the 2018 to 2019 IEEE University of Ottawa
    Student Branch Executive Team. I’m completing my third year in chemical engineering. This past year, I
    was the secretary for IEEE where I took meeting minutes and attendance on a regular basis and kept the
    branch up to date with any important information. Additionally, I took on the role of being patronage
    chair at SPAC 2018 and emceed for the event. As patronage chair, I successfully partnered with 13
    patrons to obtain $9100 in funding through effective communication skills and ensured that all patrons
    received contracted amenities, recognition, and engagement. With this opportunity, I coordinated with the
    rest of the team such as logistics using leadership skills to ensure smooth communication among all
    organizers. The event sold out 2 days prior and was a huge success. The experience I gained from
    SPAC2018 would be extremely beneficial in organizing the annual WIE Wine and Cheese, and I am
    eager to do so. Networking is a skill that I’ve always valued because it develops your career goals and
    builds character. It is a skill that is necessary for everyone to have and IEEE provides that chance to
    students. SPAC and WIE Wine and Cheese, both events under IEEE, gives students opportunities to
    develop networking skills with professionals, and contribute to the industrial, social, and academic world
    while they are still students. Another large portion for WIE chair that I am excited to get involved in is the
    Big Eng-Little Eng mentorship program. For most first years, the transition from high school to university
    can be difficult to adjust to and having a mentor specifically in engineering or a degree similar to theirs,
    would ease the transition. As WIE chair, I would do my best to hold a small Big-eng- Little-eng meet ups
    approximately 1-2 times per semester to maintain good connections between the mentors and mentees.


    WIE Vice-Chair:

    Mikeli Habash:

    My name’s Mikeli and I would like to run for the vice-chair of WIE. I am a first year Software Engineering student.

    Over the winter term of 2017, I was given the great opportunity of joining iEEE as the Director of Academics. This position has given me exposure to so many new ideas and new topics, and most importantly, has introduced me to such great and inspirational people who I can now call some very good friends.
    I want to join the WIE team to not only put emphasize on how important diversity is in engineering, but also help out those who do not necessarily feel like they belong/welcome them into the faculty. I want to do this by continuing the mentorship program (BigEng/LittleEng) and also introduce some new events that go hand in hand with this program; similar to the Board Games and Hot Chocolate, which was one of my favorite events I have attended this term.

    Through my experiences as a woman in software, I have come across some people who have looked down, spoken down to me and have ultimately treated me differently because of my gender. With this experience, I am motivated to bring light to the fact that there is a barrier for women in STEM that must be taken down. There are so many inspiring women who have done incredible things that I would love to bring in for talks/events to show our fellow students what we are capable of!

    I would be so happy to represent women in STEM through the iEEE and also (officially) take part in a remarkable student branch.

    Thank you!

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