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Danielle Marchand

Danielle is in her third year of electrical engineering. She in interested in promoting the opportunities IEEE can bring to the student experience, and loves learning about new technologies.
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Mohammed Hussain

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William Pearson

I am a Computer Engineering student in my 4th and final year. My favourite IEEE event is IEEEXtreme — a 24-hour programming competition. My favourite programming languages are C and Python.
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Emilie Cobbold

Emilie is in her final year of Computer Engineering. She is interested in tech education and closing the gender gap in engineering and computer science.
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Nel Opolski

As webmaster, I take care of this lovely website you are looking at! I’m in my third year of software engineering, looking to get into web and mobile app development. If you have any questions for me feel free to send me a message!
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Daniel Pogue

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Richard Scott

Hey guys, my name is Richard Scott and I am a 4th year mechanical engineering student. I am a fiery individual and stay lit to brighten your student experience. Good times are my fuel and I can’t be put out.
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Cheryl Tollola

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Manisha Wanniarachchige

I’m a 3rd year software engineering by day and VP social of IEEE by night. Want to meet new people and network with your peers? Come out to our social events! If you have any questions about IEEE, shoot me an email and i’ll get back to you asap.
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Gabriel Stein

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Matt Langlois

McNaughton Centre Director
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Alise Wang

Women in Engineering Chair
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Kyle Kung

Women in Engineering Vice-Chair
Hello, my name is Kyle but it’s not my real my name. I am a third year Software Engineering Student. I enjoy swimming and drinking water.
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Moayad Aloqaily

Photonics Chair
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Kavleen Aulakh

Photonics Vice-Chair